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You can use this section of our helpdesk to request support from our team regarding any problems or questions you may have. To get started, simply select what your issue is about or select "General Enquiry" if none of the other options quite fit.

To get started, please select the type of problem or question you're having from the drop down options below:

Support Request

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Complete the form below providing as much detail as possible about the problem or question you have. If you want to upload any pictures that might help, use the attachments function at the bottom of the form.

Returning Items

Sometimes things go wrong or they don't meet your expectations and that's ok. You can use the form below to let us know if you need to return a single item if it's faulty or all items if you changed your mind after purchase. Note that your telephone number is optional although it would be useful if we need to contact you.

Before we can accept a return of an item for replacement or refund, we need you to contact us using the form below so we can provide you with a returns reference and further advice. Please note that when returning items that are unwanted and are not faulty:

  1. The item must be in perfect condition and unused
  2. For sensors and outdoor sirens, you must not have paired the product with your central hub
  3. The item must not have been installed using either the supplied fixings or sticky pads
  4. You ordered the item less than 14 days ago

We reserve the right to refuse a refund of unwanted items if these conditions are not met.

In the case of faulty items, please continue to fill out the form giving us as much information as possible. If you are returning a faulty sensor or the siren, please make sure you have unpaired it before continuing. You can read how to remove sensors in our helpdesk article here.

General Enquiries

Please use this form for anything that isn't covered by the other options.

Please select the reason for your return

Please tick the alarm components you are returning. You can select more than one if you wish

Please use this area to list the serial numbers for the components you are returning. They are 9 digits long and can be found near the QR code. They start with the number listed above next to the part type. Make sure you provide this number for each item being returned or we will not be able to replace it!

Please enter your telephone/mobile number

Please enter your full address including postcode. If we are replacing items, this address will need to be the location for us to send your replacement to.

Please enter any further details about your request or return. The more information you are able to share the better! If you are returning an item please give the full reason for the return or fault.

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