What if I experience false alarms?

False alarms can occur for a number of reasons so the first step to preventing them from occurring is to try and understand why they are happening in the first instance.

If you have a professionally monitored alarm subscription and you continually have false alerts then there is a possibility the police will begin to downgrade the speed of the response or even remove you from the response list entirely. If however, you have the system professionally installed then the likelihood of a false alarm will be greatly reduced. In addition, our smart algorithms that are built into the alarm system will reduce the chance of a false alarm.

There are further steps you can take such as isolating rooms in the home when the alarm is armed that your pet may occupy. The movement detection sensors will disregard any animal smaller than 35kg but creating safe zones for them will help reduce false alerts. It should be noted however that part setting of the alarm system is only available on our Plus or Complete plans.

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