What is Boundary?

Boundary Technologies are reinventing smart home security in the UK.

Home security is becoming more interconnected, convenient and cheaper. It’s harnessing the power of smartphones to allow you to remotely monitor and control your smart system, from anywhere in the world. People want an easy ordering process, from transparent pricing to customising the alarm to fit the home. Setup should be straightforward - whether you’re doing it yourself or using a professional installer - and the system should do what it promises. These are all things that are expected in a Smart Home Security product but are hard to find. This is why we have created Boundary.

Boundary offers a range of benefits over traditional alarm systems:

  • 12-hour Hub battery backup
  • Simple and easy to use app with push notifications, set/unset, alerts, panic button, part-set, battery and signal levels
  • Self-install or pro-install options all handled via the automated order process
  • Geolocation, Geofencing and nightly reminders
  • Optional cellular backup
  • Smart home integration: Alexa, Philips Hue, IFTTT, Nest cameras
  • Our equipment is smaller and more attractive
  • Online process and there are no lengthy surveys
  • No contracts
  • Overall lower cost of ownership with transparent and low pricing
  • Professional monitoring with police response
  • Better user experience and features
  • Pet safe hardware

NB: Some of the features listed above are only available within a paid subscription plan. Please see our pricing page for more information: https://boundary.co.uk/burglar-alarm-kit/pricing/

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