What type of batteries do the sensors use?

All the sensors, and external siren, are 100% wireless and use long life, Lithium batteries. You don't require a special brand of batteries as long as they are long-life Lithium and not rechargeable. We recommend using Energizer batteries for the sensors. Batteries should last for 12-18 months although we do recommend they are changed once per year.

Customers who are on our Complete subscription will have all batteries changed annually as part of their annual maintenance visit.

The central hub also has a Lithium Polymer (LiPO) battery that acts as a backup should the mains power fail. This battery can supply the central hub with backup power for up to 12 hours. This battery does not need replacing on a regular basis and is sealed within the hub unit.

Finally, you will get a notification through the mobile app that lets you know when any of the batteries are showing signs of wearing out. This gives you advanced warning that you need to change them. If a battery does run out then the system will still function but that sensor will power down and you will be able to see this status in the mobile app.

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