What features are included in the Complete plan?

The Complete plan will give you total peace of mind with all features enabled and unlimited sensors/users. This plan also includes:

Professional Monitoring with Police Response

If your alarm is enabled for professional monitoring then when an alarm is activated it will automatically contact the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). A qualified ARC agent will then immediately verify if your home is being burgled. Once this is confirmed the agent will request a police response and notify the property owner and/or keyholders. NB: The professional monitoring service does require that your system is installed by one of our certified engineers to ensure that false alerts do not occur.

Annual Maintenance Visit

A boundary engineer will visit your property each year to give your alarm system an annual service. This will include testing your alarm for any faults. This is in addition to a second annual check carried out remotely to ensure your system is performing correctly.

Battery Replacement

As part of the annual maintenance visit, the engineer will replace the batteries in all Motion/Contact Sensors and the Outdoor Siren. This is especially useful to save remembering to replace batteries as well as being able to access the Outdoor Siren in hard to reach places.

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