What features are included in the Lite plan?

The Lite plan is our entry-level plan and does not carry a subscription fee.

NB: The Lite plan is limited to a maximum of two sensors (Motion or Contact) and two users. All paid subscriptions allow unlimited sensors and users.


Set/Unset From the Mobile Application

You can set or unset the alarm remotely from the mobile app. All you need is a WiFi or a mobile data connection. It’s also possible to set/unset the alarm using the key fob or even through Alexa!

Neighbourhood App (after launch)

The neighbourhoods application which will be available shortly after launch will allow people within local areas and communities to share details of crime and suspicious activity. It will also be possible to alert your neighbours if your alarm is activated.

Smart Home Integration

The Boundary alarm system will directly integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Phillips Hue from launch. Integrations with additional smart home providers such as Apple Homekit will follow shortly after we go live.

Occupied Home Simulation

If you’re away from home be it at work or on holiday, the Boundary alarm can stimulate your presence by randomly turning lights on or off in different rooms at night time. This will give the impression of someone being in the house when the system is armed.

Home Environment Monitoring

The Motion Sensors are able to feedback room-by-room conditions including temperature and if the room is occupied. It’s also possible to immediately see if any doors or windows are still open via the Contact Sensors.

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