Does the Hub only work from 240v mains power?

The Boundary Hub has been designed to work from a 240v power source. Once plugged in this then converts the power to a 5v DC input.

It is however technically possible to run the Hub from a DC/AC convertor, the type normally found in mobile homes or even houseboats. As long as the Hub has a continuous power source then it will function as intended.

The power drawn by the Hub is minimal and we have estimated as a guideline for this to be as low as 210mA. If the backup battery is being charged after a power outage then the power drawn could go as high as 2.5A so this should be taken into consideration.

Overall we cannot support or recommend running the Hub from anything other than a stable 240v power source but it is technically possible to do so if you wish. You should also note that in order to be compliant with BS EN50131 Grade 2, the hub must have a continuous mains power supply and a battery capable of running for a minimum of twelve hours in the case of a power outage. 

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